Roll it, Dip It, And Reverse It: 5 Minute Abs Circuit

By Zach Dorworth

Zach Dorworth Ab Wheel Rollout

Not a lot has changed since the original 5-Minute Six-Pack Abs Shredder. I still get men regularly asking me what they need to do to get that six-pack. Well, the recipe hasn't changed and I have written it in great detail. If you need a refresher or haven't seen the original, check it out here

But let's assume you've taken control of your nutrition and have been hitting the abs with some good resistance. Chances are, you're either starting to shrink your waist or may even be seeing some definition.  Stick with it, because abs are on the way. But never forget...

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Abs Training is About the Spine!

No matter how much I address this issue, I see it time and time again. Abdominal training is about spinal flexion, NOT hip flexion. Will the hips flex during abdominal movements? Most of the time, yes, but it should not be the primary movement. You should be focusing on posterior pelvic tilt (humping the sky) and getting the bottom of your rib cage as close as you can to that tilted pelvis. The only way that happen is with spinal flexion. 

Zach Dorworth That Flex Life Stretch Abs

If you really want the six-pack, it's time to
take control of your nutrition.


Next time you are doing crunches, place your left index finger on the bottom of your sternum (xiphoid process) and your right index finger on your pelvis (pubis), about 1 inch above your happy parts. If you still don't know what these are, Google. Take note of how far apart your two fingers are. Next, go ahead and crunch. If your fingers DO NOT get closer together, you are not flexing your spine and are working your hip flexors.  

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If your fingers DO get closer together, congratulations, you are flexing your spine. You are part of a small population of people that efficiently train their abdominals. This same spinal flexion should occur during all direct abdominal movements, not just the crunch/sit up. 

‚ÄčTo reinforce spinal flexion and pelvic tilt, we will perform the incline reverse crunch. Watch the video below for a demonstration. Make sure you are rolling up until the entire lower back is off of the bench. Decrease the angle of incline for an easier movement and increase the angle or add weight between the feet to make it more challenging. 

Use this time efficient superset to initiate abdominal movements from various positions to stimulate new muscle growth. This superset pairs nicely with the 5-Minute Colossal Calves at the end of leg day.

Complete the entire superset 3 times, resting only 45 seconds in between each superset. One-superset includes: ab wheel rollout, planking hip dip, and incline reverse crunch, with no rest period. Use of proper form and the desired rep range will determine the weight used for each exercise. Do not reach failure during any set unless indicated. Short of Failure (SOF) means stopping one-rep prior to Total Failure. Total Failure (TF) is the inability to do anymore complete reps with proper form. Time Check: 4:48.

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Reps Range

Ab Wheel Rollout (SOF 3rd set)

6 - 8

Planking Hip Dip

6 - 8 each side

Incline Reverse Crunch (TF 3rd set)

6 - 8

Repeat for 3 sets

45 seconds rest between sets

Ab Wheel Rollout

Zach Dorworth Ab Wheel Rollout
Zach Dorworth That Flex Life Abs wheel rollout

Planking Hip Dip

Zach Dorworth That Flex Life Planking Hip Dip 2
Zach Dorworth That Flex Life Planking Hip Dip

Incline Reverse Crunch

Zach Dorworth That Flex Life Incline Reverse Crunch
Zach Dorworth That Flex Life Reverse Crunch

P.S. About that six-pack. 

I've always stated that you can train abs religiously AND not have a six-pack. When it comes to visible abs, you cannot downplay the importance of nutrition. Join the hundreds of other students who have learned flexible dieting and gained nutritional freedom through our FREE 4-week interactive online course. Enroll in the next class at the Flexible Dieting University, click here

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