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The 3 Movements Every Trap Monster Uses
They say traps are the new abs. Lucky for you, the holiday season just ended and you’re rocking a dad-bod[...]
Use These 3 Simple Hacks For Immediate Chest Growth. #2 Is Awesome
I think you’ll agree with me when I say Arnold Schwarzenegger and his famous side chest pose helped put international[...]
Rebounding Harder than Dennis Rodman
ReboundingI've seen the scrawny rise and the shredded fall. I've seen young men commit to kale and tilapia, just to end up bangin[...]
Failure Could Be The Reason You’re Failing To See Gains.
Not failure as in failing to get your ass to the gym, or off the couch, or out of the[...]
Roll it, Dip It, And Reverse It: 5 Minute Abs Circuit
Not a lot has changed since the original 5-Minute Six-Pack Abs Shredder. I still get men regularly asking me what they[...]
Horseshoes and Goat Balls: Triceps Explosion
Big, beefy, horseshoe-looking triceps are built by working them through a full range of motion with an appropriate amount of resistance.[...]
{DUP} 1 Way To Ensure Progress Never Stops
We always hear “low reps and heavy weight for strength” and “high reps for gaining muscle.” Well, recent studies show[...]
Popeye Style Guns: 5-Minute Biceps and Forearms
Popeye Style GunsBig arms are pretty cool and all but so is Popeye the sailor man.  Popeye didn't have much[...]
Supplements: Your Wasted Money and No Results.
Supplementation is a hot topic and many of you keep asking, so here is my complete list of supplements you[...]
Healthier Living Made Simple for [Car] Guys
Let’s imagine you have only one carYou spend a majority of your time on the highway commuting to and from[...]

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